Our Program To the Body of Christ

Changamka na Injili

Is an initiative to create mission awareness to Christians? It focuses on the need to emphasize missions to the un-reached people. Our team visits home cell fellowships, work place fellowships,institutions of learning and congregations. This can take few minutes to a full sermon appropriately. You are welcome to invite us to your fellowship or church.

Mission Training

Equipping saints is a continuous process; we offer thefollowing mission trainings to Christians:
(a) The kingdom eye training This trainings can be brought to your church /fellowship and can be adjusted according to your schedule.

Christmas Child

We create a smiling face to vulnerable children during Christmas children

Volunteer Services

Providing a platform for Christians of all professions to develop their daily contacts to count for eternity.

Mission Conference

Caring Friends Ministries carries out research that is meant to inform church engagements in reaching out to the unreached people groups and people of other faiths. In 2021, CFM will carry out a four-tier Conference targeting the denominational Church Leaders, Senior Church leaders, Professionals, and Business persons, and Missions champions. The expected outcomes include;
1. To establish a financial kit to help the persecuted Christians
2. To come up with a national missions day.
3. Formation of National Missions forum/ Network which coordinates missions’ activities in Kenya


CFM is involved in carrying out research on community coexistence among people of different faiths and community development and how the church can reach out to the unreached people groups.
The research results form the basis of social development projects such as the Madogo Health Facility, Demo Farm, and Mission training.

Friends Health Services

As part of our social services Projects, CFM intends to begin a Medical Health Facility at Madogo sub-county, Tana River County, in May 2021. The facility aims to provide quality but affordable services to the unreached people groups including the Munyoyaya, Orma, Wardei, Ilwana, and other communities living within Madogo and its environs. This will be a 3 -phased project. The first phase will provide MCH, outpatient, and Laboratory services, the second phase will add maternity services and phase three will have all services including specialized consultancies.